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Your Complete Guide To Hair Transplant Costs

Hair transplant costs can be a minefield. You might have already got some quotes and wondered why they had varied so much. And you may not even be fully aware of what your hair transplant price covers. Are some quotes leaving out things you should have? Are you being upsold things you don’t need? Or in some cases, are you simply being plain overcharged? 

Well, you are in the right place. In this guide, we explain all about the different types of hair transplants. Why some surgeries cost more than others. What you need. What you don’t need. And how to get the best value deal that is right for you. We also explore why 65% of all hair transplants are done in Turkey. So should you consider hopping on a plane like so many others? Let’s find out.

Doctor counting hair transplantation cost

Understanding Your Hair Transplantation Price

Several factors will affect the hair transplant cost. Some of these things you will have control over and some you won’t. What can be confusing is that if you search for hair transplants either abroad or at home, you will likely be given a hair transplant price that covers lots of things. Often referred to as a package deal, here’s a brief overview of what could be included in your hair transplant price and what choices you have.

Hair Transplant Package Deal Inclusions And Your Options

  1. The Hair Transplant Itself: The doctor determines the hair transplant method, but you may have some options and be able to choose the more inexpensive hair transplant price.  
  2. Number Of Grafts: determined by the doctor but you may have some options
  3. Plasma Therapy: your choice but it can help you attain optimal results
  4. Needleless Anaesthesia: your choice it might be standard, or you might pay extra
  5. VIP Transfers and English/Finnish speaking guide: these are usually included in a package overseas
  6. Expertise Of Doctor/Lead Surgeon: your choice whether you wish to upgrade to the best 
  7. Accommodation: Splurge with 5-star luxury or choose a budget option to reduce the hair transplant price
  8. Financing: Your circumstances may dictate whether you need financing to help with your hair transplant cost
  9. Aftercare: Your choice but you should buy aftercare products for 12 months after the surgery. Make sure you budget for products as part of your total hair transplant cost. 
  10. Guarantee: the clinic will either offer a guarantee or not, but this will be built into the hair transplant cost as a form of insurance

In this guide, we’ll tackle each of these ‘components’ that may make up the hair transplant price and what choices you have more fully.

But it’s not just the package, and what’s included in it, that affects the total hair transplant cost. As we mentioned, many people are choosing to travel abroad for hair transplant surgery. So these are some other factors that can affect the hair transplant price.

Additional Factors Affecting Your Hair Transplant Price

  1. Country Where You Have Your Surgery – your choice so consider carefully with many countries offering rock-bottom hair transplant prices. Travelling to get a hair transplant in Turkey, for example, could be a wise choice
  2. Flights – your choice whether you fly at peak or off-peak times and whether you fly budget, business or first class
  3. Clinic And Facilities – your choice so consider carefully

1 The Hair Transplant

First, there is, of course, the hair transplant itself. This should include a number of things such as your consultations, blood tests, local anaesthesia, and medication during and after the transplant. You should not pay for a hair transplantation and then be charged later and separately for things such as:

Hair treatment

Double check with the clinic that you are getting a hair transplant price from that these bare essentials are included. This will ensure there are no nasty surprises down the line when you are in a vulnerable position. Ensure that any hair transplant you decide to book has it fully detailed that you are getting these things. To pay extra for these basics is absurd and unacceptable. Any clinic wanting to charge you extra for these things is a no-no. 

Now let’s talk about the type of hair transplant. There are three main types of hair transplants, the FUT, FUE, and DHI method. You will pay the least for the FUT method and the most for DHI. The doctor will decide which is the best method for you. You may have some input here. The doctor may suggest that you have the FUE or FUT method and the benefits of each. 

Similarly, you might be able to choose from an FUE or a DHI method. It’s unlikely you will get the choice of all three. You should note that the more expensive option is not always the best option. For example, the FUT method is considered an older and somewhat invasive procedure, which has a longer healing time and leaves scarring. However, it might be a better option as it can harvest more follicles. 

Be guided by the doctor. But if you think a doctor is suggesting a more expensive option for less than altruistic reasons, then get a few quotes. Here’s an overview of the different types of hair transplants you might be offered. 

hair transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is the older technique, also known as the strip method. This method is performed by cutting a strip of tissue from the scalp and transferring the separated follicles to the donor areas. This method leaves a scar, leaving traces of the incised tissues and has a longer healing time. In terms of hair transplant costs, this method is the least expensive.

hair transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most preferred method today. The procedure only makes tiny holes while harvesting the follicular unit, and they are then transferred to the recipient areas. Because of the tiny 1mm incision, the scar is almost invisible. They only appear as small white scars which are not noticeable because the hair covers it.The length of the surgery varies depending on the patient's profile and the number of grafts. However, it usually lasts up to six to eight hours. After the procedure, it takes seven to ten days for it to heal completely. This is why FUE is more popular nowadays because of the quality results and faster healing process.

hair transplant

Percutaneous Technique

Percutaneous Technique is a modern improvement of FUE. It uses sapphire blades rather than steel blades used in FUE techniques. The hair transplant cost for this is slightly higher than for the standard FUE technique.


Direct Hair Implantation

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), also known as the unshaved hair transplant, is another technique suitable for partial hair loss. It is minimally invasive because it uses the implanter Choi pen, where the grafts are stored in the pen. Patients are not required to shave their heads, which is another reason it is a preferred method, especially by women. This method carries the highest hair transplant price.

2 How The Number Of Grafts Affects Your Hair Transplant Price

One of the most significant determining factors of hair transplant costs is the number of grafts that are used. If you just have a receding hairline, you could have a procedure involving only 1,500 grafts. If your hair loss is more extensive and to cover a larger area, you might need 6,000 grafts. This will obviously take far more time, possibly over two days and will be more expensive.

The number of grafts can only be assessed by the doctor in charge of your case. This can be done by sending in photos of your head from various angles. Alternatively, a Zoom call will do the trick. The doctor will usually evaluate your level of hair loss using the Norwood scale, which ranges from slight hair loss around the hairline to complete hair loss. From here, the hair transplant costs can be more accurately calculated.

If you are eager to get an idea of the hair transplant price, there are online graft calculators that can help estimate the number of grafts. However, keep in mind this is only used to give you an overview of what to expect. The final hair transplant costs and grafts can only be determined by a certified hair transplant doctor.

3 Plasma Therapy

It’s your choice whether you have plasma therapy or not. You could be upsold here, and it’s not a necessary procedure. Many clinics will include it as standard as it will help you heal quickly, promoting healthy and strong hair growth. But it may cost extra at many clinics. Even in places where hair transplant prices are rock bottom such as Turkey, expect to pay one to two hundred extra euros for this procedure

Many people choose plasma therapy as a stand-alone procedure to improve circulation without having a hair transplant. Since you are already anaesthetised during a hair transplant, many doctors like to include this procedure as they know it will lead to better results and happier patients.

4 Needleless Anaesthesia

Who likes needles, huh? Not so many. During a hair transplant since it uses local anaesthesia, you can expect a few injections in the donor and recipient areas to numb the scalp. Depending on the number of grafts, you stand to be pricked more than 10,000 times. That’s why local anaesthesia is used, so you barely feel the procedure. But if you are terrified of needles – which is understandable, then technology is here to save you!

No-needle local anaesthesia is now available. And it couldn’t be here soon enough for some people who have needle-phobia, known medically as trypanophobia. Needleless anaesthesia uses a high powered jet of air to numb the area and then you are good to go – you won’t feel a thing.

A hair transplant package might include this revolutionary new technology as standard as it’s appealing to virtually everyone, not just the needle-phobic. It does come at an additional charge for some clinics, though. So it’s up to you. Costs vary, and it won’t cost you hundreds more euros. If you were to have your hair transplant in Turkey, it might cost an extra one to two hundred euros. If you are getting a hair transplant price, ask the surgeon how much extra needleless anaesthesia is and decide from there if you can bear a few injections.

Those who have trypanophobia should still be aware that a blood test is compulsory. If needles are a huge issue for you, then make your hair transplant surgeon aware of this. It could be that you can get a blood test at home, and bring the results with you. A local doctor that you know might be better able to deal with your phobia than a nurse at an overseas clinic. The results are needed to ensure that you are not HIV positive or have hepatitis. In addition, the doctors need to know that your blood clotting factors are present at the right levels to safely proceed with the operation.

5 VIP Transfers and English/Finnish Speaking Guide

If you choose to go overseas for your hair transplant, you should expect to have transfers and a guide covered for you by the clinic as part of the hair transplant price. This means that you have nothing to worry about, and everything is carefully managed. Ensure when you get a quote this is included in your package and that you won’t be billed later for it as an extra.

6 Expertise Of Hair Transplant Doctor/Lead Surgeon

There are some rock stars when it comes to the world of hair transplants. These are imminent surgeons who have thousands of surgeries under their belts. They have often written papers as well as being at the forefront of hair transplant innovations. These doctors use their celebrity status in the hair transplant world to front clinics.

However, you don’t need to get Vidal Sassoon to cut your hair to get an excellent hair cut. And the same is true of hair transplants. It’s up to you. If you want the best to do all or part of your surgery, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it, and the hair transplant price will be higher. Since these doctors cum artists oversee skilled doctors, it’s not necessary at all.

But if you have the cash to splash, it is worth considering. You should also note that while celebrity doctors front clinics, they’ll likely just oversee your case. Some doctors oversee more than one clinic so they might not even be there when you have your procedure. You are paying for their input in overseeing the training of the highly skilled doctors at the clinic.

7 Accommodation During Your Hair Transplant

If you are travelling abroad for a transplant, it’s typical for the clinic to include hotel accommodation in the hair transplant price. You need to check with the clinic whether they have choices. It’s common for clinics to offer different package deals as not all customers are after the same thing. They may offer two or three nights, and they might give you the choice of four or five-star hotels. It goes without saying that two nights in a 4-star hotel will cost less than three nights in a 5-star establishment. It’s your call.

This is certainly one area where you can make a substantial saving as the accommodation does make up a significant chunk of the hair transplant costs if you are travelling abroad. If you are after a low-cost budget deal, then choose a 4-star hotel and if you want to splurge in 5-star luxury, then go for it. We don’t recommend that you limit your stay to two nights though. That’s not enough time to recuperate after your procedure before you fly home in our opinion.

8 Financing For Your Hair Transplant

It’s fair to say that most hair transplant clinics in Turkey want the money for the surgery in cash on the day of the surgery – and who can blame them. There are a limited number that will offer financing for what can still be a big chunk of cash. We hunt down these clinics in our review sections for you, so be sure to check them out.

It’s obviously going to cost you more overall if you choose to pay in instalments. Always check out what the APR is. It might be that you can contact a specialised company in your home country that offers cosmetic surgery finance to cover hair transplant costs. Loans for surgery are not going to have APRs as low as home or car loans. But you can still compare the market for these specialised loans and get the best deal going.

You’ll need to decide how much you can afford to repay each month for the surgery. Deals often spread the cost over 12 months. You should always consider if saving for 12 months first is the better option for you. In addition to this, don’t forget to budget for aftercare products which we will discuss next.

9 How Aftercare Affects Your Hair Transplant Price

Many people fail to understand when they are planning and budgeting for a hair transplant is the cost of postoperative products. Some clinics will provide postoperative products but only for a few weeks. This is usually the industry standard with few clinics offering more than a few months supply included in your hair transplant price. The reason for this is simple; they are an expensive addition to the transplant surgery. It might look like a great deal that you are offered two months of ‘free’ aftercare products with your surgery.

It is, however, just a different way of selling you something. Inevitably you are not getting the products for free, as the clinic will have added the cost to the hair transplant price. Once you are using the products, it’s then easier for them to sell you the followup ten months supply.

Either way, you should make sure you use specialised hair transplant products for 12 months after your surgery. You need to budget for around €100-150 per month on top of the hair transplant price. The products are essential for an optimal result. They ensure that the follicles are well-nourished with all the vitamins and minerals they need to promote strong and healthy hair growth.

Basic aftercare products that should be included in any hair transplant price include:

  • Postoperative medications for the pain/swelling
  • A neck pillow to assist sleeping in an upright position
  • A hat to protect the head
  • Antibiotics to ensure no infection occurs

Additional aftercare products may include:

  • A vitamin supplement for the hair
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Serum
  • A derma-roller for massage and blood circulation

It’s also good to choose a clinic that will be on hand over the next 12 months to offer advice as and when you may need it. This service costs the clinic very little to provide. And is often a way for them to not just connect with you to see how you are doing, but also to sell you additional aftercare products.

Don’t make the mistake of skimping on aftercare products, as you will not get the best result and risk the procedure failing. You might also find that some clinics have fine print that insists you take all necessary advice and take all essential steps to make sure your procedure is a success. Not using aftercare products may invalidate a guarantee given by the clinic if your operation is not the success you had hoped. Give yourself the best chance possible and make sure you use aftercare products daily as prescribed.

10 Hair Transplant Guarantee

Some clinics will offer a guarantee, and some won’t. Plenty of good clinics don’t offer guarantees, and you can look at this in two ways. A substandard clinic who is unsure of its results is unlikely to have a guarantee included in the hair transplant cost. But at the same time, some top-notch clinics consider it somewhat unethical to guarantee surgical procedures.

From a customer’s point of view though, it’s likely you’d prefer to put medical ethics to one side and know that if your hair transplant is unsuccessful, then at the very least you can get your money back. We believe a money-back refund or a free repeat procedure is a good idea; it gives peace of mind and helps you deal with a disappointing outcome. However, if you choose a clinic with a guarantee, be aware that you will pay for it.

For example, a clinic might offer a procedure without a guarantee for €2,000. But if they decide to change their policy to include a refund on the 5% of unsuccessful surgeries, they’ll simply build this into their cost model. And now offer the same surgery at €2,100.

The higher hair transplant costs might turn some away, but many would prefer to pay for the ‘insurance’ of a guarantee. Many clinics will choose the guarantee option of marketing their service. This way, they can mop up any unsatisfied customers along the way that might head to social media platforms to vent their dissatisfaction, whether it be warranted or not.

11 Hair Transplant Costs In Different Countries

Hair loss affects most people as they age. It’s not essentially vanity that makes people want a hair transplant procedure. Losing hair can make a person lose their self-confidence and badly damage their self-esteem. But a hair transplant is seen as a cosmetic procedure rather than a necessary one. For that reason, doctors can rarely allow local health authorities to pick up the bill. This can make many people all over the world desperate as local hair transplant costs are completely out of their reach.

But the procedure is affordable in some countries, and Turkey hits the sweet spot when it comes to being accessible, affordable and having excellent facilities and doctors. Here are some average hair transplant costs for different countries:


Hair Transplant Cost


€1,000 - €4,200


€4,000 - €8,000

United Kingdom

€5,500 - €33,000


€10,000 - €20,000


€7,200 - €21,200

As you can see, the country you choose for your hair transplant is the primary factor in determining a hair transplant price. Obviously, if you stay at home, whether that’s the UK, Finland, or the US, there are no flight costs or accommodation costs. But the price of a flight and a few nights in a hotel are insignificant when it comes to the thousands more it will cost to stay at home. Not least, travelling to have a hair transplant in Turkey and having a mini-break is far from a chore. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of this unique country.

12 Flights

Of course, if you decide to travel abroad to get a hair transplant in Turkey, this will be another thing you need to factor into the total hair transplant costs. It’s not included in the package, for obvious reasons. If you are coming from the US, the flight ticket price can be relatively high. That is why choosing the best time to travel with the best airline offers is a good idea.

If you are coming from Europe, the prices are far more affordable. European travellers may wish to come during the summer to enjoy the hot weather. Travellers from the US may find that the flights cost over $1000 at peak times. For this reason, if you are looking to save money, consider sacrificing hot weather for a more inexpensive flight.

Flight costs are considerably higher in summer during school holiday times as Turkey is a popular holiday destination. However, if you usually take a summer vacation, then consider taking it in Turkey and having your hair transplant during your holiday. Then there are no additional costs at all, and you’ll have lots of time to relax and recuperate.

13 Clinic Choice

The hair transplant price will vary from clinic to clinic, just like everything in life. The exact same package at one clinic could be hundreds more euros at a different clinic. It’s up to each clinic to charge what they like after all. What you are looking for is a clinic with top-notch facilities, preferably a hospital or a clinic within a hospital.

They should have accreditations and licenses, and you should be able to see pictures of the facilities. You should also check out the medical team. As we mentioned earlier, some highly esteemed hair transplant doctors front some clinics, which is always a good indicator of a great clinic.

You can find the medical team involved on the clinic’s website page. The clinic normally updates its website with each medical team member involved, including the name, position, a brief work experience, and educational background. If you choose a clinic in Turkey and are currently living elsewhere, be extra vigilant as there are many scammers.

Only select from reputable websites. You can also check before and after pictures of the medical team’s surgery and authentic patient reviews. With our clinic reviews, we red flag clinics that don’t have doctors and highlight the best ones in the business. You can also check if the clinic has a social media account such as Facebook or Instagram for more assurance. From there, you can find real client reviews, client engagements, and more information about the clinic’s social response.

Why So Many People Are Choosing To Have A Hair Transplant In Turkey

Now you know all about hair transplant costs, let’s consider why so many people choose Turkey for their hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant prices are known to be prohibitive in most countries. But here is where Turkey stands out. Turkey is the best place to get a hair transplant because of its low costs without sacrificing quality. The country offers modern facilities and skilled doctors but at a fraction of the hair transplant price.

Many people choose Turkey because they are leaders in hair transplantation. Turkish doctors have been honing their hair transplantation skills and artistry since 1995. They are at the forefront of innovations in the industry, and many doctors choose to come to Turkey to train.

The Turkish government is also keen to encourage its booming health tourism industry. As such, they have introduced strict regulations that ensure facilities are scrupulously hygienic and of Western standards. The hospitals, clinics, equipment, and technologies are also first class and cutting edge.

Why Are Hair Transplants Prices In Turkey So Affordable

A hair transplant in Turkey is less expensive because the cost of living in this country is so much lower than in most countries. The cost of labour is lower and the expenses as well. The Turkish lira has also plummeted in value by 80% in the last decade. The currency is so unstable in a country with skyrocketing inflation that professionals are desperate to get their hands on euros that they can charge for hair transplants. Competition is high, and this also keeps hair transplant costs down.

Have A Mini-Break Or A Holiday While You Have A Hair Transplant In Turkey

Another great reason to have a hair transplant in Turkey is that it’s a beautiful and culturally rich country. While in Istanbul, try out its local delicacies and visit fascinating historical architecture. If you are interested in history, there are numerous museums, monuments and religious places that you can visit.

If you like the best views and landscapes, you can visit nearby beaches and mountains. For shopping, there are also bazaars that you can visit for those unique finds that you can take home after the surgery. What better way to spend a short holiday and have a transplant?

Ocean view of Turkey

Any Last Minute Reservations About A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

We believe that even if you are in the US, you are still likely to save overall on your hair transplant costs by coming to Turkey for a procedure. Many Finnish, UK, and US doctors will have trained in Turkey, believe it or not – so it seems crazy to us to pay local prices for their services, for the sake of a short journey to a beautiful country.

However, some people do have concerns, even though the healthcare and doctors are of the highest calibre, that Turkey is an unsafe place to travel to. It’s true over recent years the countries that border Turkey to the south, have had their fair share of difficulties. With Iran, Iraq, and Syria bordering Turkey, you are reasonable to have your concerns! However, as long as you stay away from the Syrian border, travel is considered entirely safe. Istanbul and other hair transplant hotspots are to the North of the country and far away from any conflict.

Don't Forget To Negotiate To Save Money On Your Hair Transplant Price

Our final tip to get yourself a better deal on your hair transplant price is to be a smart shopper. It’s fine to say you are looking around and the doctor might just give you an offer you can’t refuse. And always ask for options available to you. No, you might not be offered a choice of hair transplantation methods, as that is up to the doctor. But, you can certainly decide on whether you’d like to upgrade your accommodation. And you can decide if you have the extra money to pay for plasma therapy, for example.

Always be savvy and get several quotes. After all, nearly all clinics offer a free initial consultation. Getting a few quotes can also serve as getting several doctor’s opinions. This means you will know you are getting the right advice and have peace of mind in your decision.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have a clear understanding of the different parts of your hair transplant price and how to save some money on the deal.

You also know how much you can save on hair transplant costs by travelling to Turkey. After all, there’s a good reason why two-thirds of all hair transplant patients come to this global epicentre of excellence. If you want to start your hair transplant journey, then why delay? Click the link below and claim your free hair assessment worth €250, today.