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A hair transplant is often considered to be out of reach of the man on the street because of its prohibitive cost. With prices in the US and Western Europe often exceeding €10,000, not everyone has that kind of money available. But hair transplants in Turkey have changed all that. Prices can start from around €1,200, making it an affordable option for most. If you’re suffering from hair loss, then read on.

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Why Get A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Hair loss can be upsetting and traumatic for both men and women. The fact is that hair loss happens daily either because of genetics or lifestyle. Most of us will suffer from hair loss during our lifetimes, but there is a solution. In fact, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is so affordable that they have over captured 65% of the world market. This article explains the reason why Turkey is the number one choice for so many people.

Medical tourism to Turkey is experiencing massive growth with international patients flocking to take advantage of their affordable care. Competitive pricing, high standards, qualified doctors and remarkable facilities have made Turkey the global epicentre for hair restoration. By dealing with thousands of international patients – hair transplants, accommodation, and services continuously improve in Turkey.

While the waiting for medical procedures can be frustrating elsewhere, waiting time is non-existent in Turkey. You can book a hair transplant online or even through instant messaging, quickly and easily. The whole procedure, including a recuperation period and even a sightseeing tour, can all be achieved during a three-day trip.

Hair transplant Turkey
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Time Difference, Travel Options, And Visa Requirements

Since 2016 Turkey opted not to adjust its clocks in spring and autumn. The country now has a singular time zone which is GMT +2/3 hours.

When travelling to Turkey, E-Visas could be necessary for some nationalities including the US. Visitors from several European nations are among those not required to hold visas, making it easy for them to travel to Turkey. However, things change, so always check before you travel.

Turkey’s capital, Istanbul, is home to three international airports. The main arrivals are through Istanbul New airport or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Verifying the location of the clinic is the best way to choose which airport to arrive at. Alternatively, some clinics will book your flight for you.

Upon arrival in Istanbul, you don’t have to worry about airport pickups and transfers. As part of their standard services, most hair transplant clinics provide English-speaking drivers and transportation services for their clients.

Here are some popular routes from major cities to Istanbul.

  • London, Heathrow, Gatwick -about 4 hours.
  • Ireland -Dublin – about 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Northern Ireland -Belfast with London stopover – about 6 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Australia – Perth, Adelaide, with multiple stopovers about 19 hours.
  • East coast US – New York about 9 hours 15 minutes.

Hair transplant In Turkey - Accommodation

The cost of a hair transplant in clinics usually comes as part of a package including accommodation. Clinics will often offer a standard package with a 4-star option and a luxury package with a 5-star hotel. Renowned names like Radisson Blu, Sheraton, and Hilton, and many more are available for the high-end market.

For budget hunters, even a good quality 4-star hotel is very affordable.  We do not recommend skimping on your stay to 2 days as we don’t believe that’s long enough to recover from your operation. You may also miss out on necessary aftercare such as learning how to wash your hair after the procedure.

Hair transplant Turkey

Currency And Exchange Rate

Despite bordering two European countries, Turkey is not a member of the European Union; hence, the Euro is not the main currency. Turkey has had several applications to join the EU, all of which have been rejected, so the main currency used is still the lira.

However, the currency is volatile and has devalued by over 80% in the last decade. Given that the lira is continually devaluing this is an advantage to USD and Euro users.

All major currencies benefit from the Turkish lira exchange. However, the weak Lira and high inflation is a severe problem for the Turkish economy.

It’s the norm for clinics to advertise their prices in euros and that’s the currency they will want to be paid in.

Food and Entertainment

Turkey is the kebab capital with a vibrant restaurant scene and a culinary history spanning centuries. From fast-food joints to tea and traditional dining, be sure to try some local delicacies during your trip. A quick meal complete with drinks at a café will cost in the region of a few euros; great value for money. The pitfall in foreign countries is to go for the familiar cuisines; however, the local cuisine will impress you if you are a little adventurous. During your hair transplant in Istanbul, why not try some simit, Turkish pizza, and Turkish dolma.

All about getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Often low prices come hand in hand with low quality. However, medical services in Turkey are the exception to the rule. The low cost of living, weak lira, and competition keep prices at rock bottom. There are numerous clinics to choose from each working hard to outdo the other. By choosing between the renowned and the up-and-coming clinics, you are privy to lower costs, excellent service, and the use of the latest hair restoration techniques.

The low cost of hair transplants in Turkey often overshadows the excellent quality of services offered. Hair transplants are both an art and a science. Getting it right depends on the doctor’s skill level and techniques. Doctors in Turkey have been honing their skills since 1995. They are industry leaders and responsible for many innovations. As such, doctors from all around the globe travel to Turkey to learn from renowned hair transplant surgeons.

What Else Is Offered In Clinics

Turkish hair transplant clinics offer a variety of options for a hair transplant procedure. The doctors were early adopters of new transplant technologies such as the FUE Sapphire pen and needle-free anaesthetics. The DHI techniques and subsequent innovations like robotic hair implantation have also been integrated into their hair restoration operations.

Depending on the number of grafts, budget constraints, and complexity, any of these methods could be a suitable option for you. Most clinics offering hair transplants in Turkey provide free online hair loss analysis. To begin the hair transplant process, the clinics will answer the questions you have before proposing the number of grafts or techniques to be used.

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Many clinics that offer hair transplants in Turkey are in Istanbul where you can take advantage of the transport and hotel infrastructure. There are also clinics in Ankara and Izmir if you prefer.

Plasma therapy is a procedure offered to transplant patients. The therapy involves extracting platelets from the blood and injecting it into the scalp. This therapy is efficient in nourishing hair follicles and reversing hair thinning.

The cost of hair transplants in turkey can start from as low as Є1,200. These costs vary among clinics, the number of grafts needed, the doctor’s expertise, and the techniques employed. Extras can include plasma therapy and needleless anaesthesia for a completely painless experience.

No, hair transplants can be done with or without having to shave your head. If you don’t want to shave your head, a DHI technique might be a possibility. This is, however, more time-consuming and carries a higher price tag.

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