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We are your go-to comparison site in Finland for hair transplant procedures. Hair transplantation has become a more affordable option for people, not just for A-listers and celebrities. The only downside to this booming industry is finding the best quality treatment at a reasonable price. The number of clinics advertising hair transplant techniques has exploded, sifting through them to find the right one for you is time-consuming and can be frustrating.

That is where we come in; we are a team of experts in this field. We do the research for you, continually reviewing our information to keep you up-to-date with the best hair transplantations costs and treatmentsand the clinics that provide them. You can send us information via our online form. We then will select several clinics that will suit your requirements for you to choose from. Or, you can check out our clinic reviews and select a specific clinic that interests you.

Hair transplant procedures have become cheaper because they are available in areas where overheads are much lower, like hair transplantation in Turkey. If you compare hair transplant costs in Finland, with hair transplantation in Turkey, you can find a price difference of up 75% lower across the range of hair transplantation techniques. 

You may consider undergoing a hair transplant procedure in a foreign country could be regarded as risky, but we are here to make sure that there is no risk. That the whole experience is satisfactory and fulfils your expectations from the moment you contact us to find the perfect hair transplant clinic in Turkey for youto the final result.

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Treatment Packages For Hair Transplantation In Turkey

Our comparison site looks at all aspects of the hair transplantation journey you will undertake to achieve your goals of improving your appearance. What do we do for you? We let you know about your options, including the clinics that charge a flat rate and those that charge per graft.

Our clinic reviews will let you know about the Doctors and medical teams’ experience, what procedures are available, how long the treatment takes, pre and post-operative instructions, and if aftercare packages are included in the cost.

Complete Packages

A basic package cost covers all aspects of your journey, bar the flight. These will include

  • VIP Transfers in Turkey – To and from the airport. Plus, between the clinic and your hotel.
  • Accommodation & Board – normally 3-4* hotels, with amenities. 
  • A clinic host – to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Translators – if the doctors do not speak your native language. 
  • Your selected treatment & aftercare

Some clinics do provide additional options both at the clinic and during your stay in Turkey. We will inform you if there are any extra costs involved so you can plan your budget.

Clinics Charging per Graft

We also provide information on the clinics that charge per graft according to the hair transplantation treatment selected, the prices for a hair transplantation package will vary according to your needs. These procedures include, for both men and women,

  • FUE – manual
  • FUE – robotic ARTAS
  • FUE unshaven
  • DHI – using the Choi Implanter Pen

Selecting allows you to make informed choices on hair transplant procedures in Turkey and the clinics that offer them. We are here to help you.

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